Pellet Therapy

Pellet TherapyFor men and women, aging can come with unwelcome fluctuations in hormones. Many synthetic oral or transdermal hormone replacement therapies are available, but they also can have less than desirable side effects, including mood swings.

Introducing Pellet Therapy

Biologically identical to estradiol and testosterone found in humans, pellet therapy can provide the benefits of hormone replacement for up to six months without the side effects experienced by some using synthetic hormones.
Smaller than a grain of rice, the all-natural pellet is placed in the fatty tissue under the skin, where it provides consistent release of small hormone doses.

Menopause Relief

Pellet therapy has been clinically shown to be effective against a variety of symptoms in women as their estrogen levels decline. It can help maintain bone density, moderate sleeplessness and alleviate migraine or menstrual headaches.
For women experiencing deterioration in sexual well-being, pellet therapy can restore the sex drive, enhance sexual response and decrease vaginal dryness. In women who suffer from incontinence, pellet therapy can reduce urinary urgency and frequency.

Testosterone Deficiency

Men as young as 35 may notice a seemingly unexplainable fatigue, decline in mental clarity or sexual dysfunctions, such as loss of libido or challenges in achieving or maintain an erection. Almost all men should have their testosterone levels tested starting around age 35.
Pellet therapy can help restore testosterone to levels near those of normally functioning testicles.

The Reappearance of Youth

For many individuals using pellet therapy may see improved skin tone and hair texture. For some, muscle mass and bone density will build up as fat melts away. That may lead to increased strength, coordination and physical performance.

Safe to Use

Studied for more than 80 years, pellet therapy is used on five continents. For those concerned about sustained use of pellet therapy, clinical data supports its long-term effectiveness and safety. The pellets are totally biodegradable, leaving no residue under the skin.

Animal Friendly

Pellet therapy supports those adhering to ethical vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The estrogen and testosterone used in the pellets are extracted from natural plant sources and compounded according to strict federal guidelines.